How To Care For Your Electric Bikes While On A Journey?

How To Care For Your Electric Bikes While On A Journey?

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Many vehicles allow us to go from one place to another with relative ease. However, traditional cars are bad for the environment as they give out greenhouse gasses and consume non-sustainable fuel. Nonetheless, it is impossible to avoid them as commuting to work and visiting the grocery is necessary. In such a case, electric bikes can be fantastic alternatives for you as
they practically have a non-existent carbon footprint. If you’re an owner of an e-bike, like a Cheetah Cafe Racer, you may have some trouble caring for it. After all, they differ from traditional bikes in some fundamental ways. They are also a recent technological advancement which means there is not much information about them out there. If you’re someone unsure about how to take care of your electric bikes, especially on a journey, we have you sorted out. This article will look at exactly how you can do so. Let’s dive in.

Keeping it clean

The first thing you should do before driving your ebike is to ensure that it is clean. This is because dust, dirt, mud and other similar particles can get inside the moving parts and cause them not to work correctly. This results in wear and tear of these components and lesser efficiency from your ebike. This is similar to the transmission in a standard bike that sometimes needs cleaning. This task can be done by a transmission expert like My Transmission Experts. Therefore, before starting your journey and at stops in between, you should consider cleaning your ebike. Even running a simple, clean cloth over the moving components of your bike can make a big difference, especially if you live in a particularly dusty or polluted area. And besides, if you have an ebike like the Ecotric Vortex, why wouldn’t you want it to look clean and in top condition?

Lubricate it regularly
It is essential to keep all the mechanical components of ebikes lubricated to run smoothly. You can do this occasionally or even at a stop during a journey. This is especially vital if you are traveling a long way which is dusty and uneven. Ideally, it would be best if you did it after every ride. In particular, you need to pay close attention to the chains of your electric bike, as this is a crucial component that is critical to its performance. You may likely be familiar with the chains of traditional bicycles, but electric bikes require more frequent lubrication since they are subjected to greater friction. For example, an Engwe Ep 2 Pro is an ideal ebike for mountains which means it will be subjected to greater friction. Doing so will ensure that your electric bike is in optimal condition.

Maintain optimal tire pressure
Having the correct tyre pressure for your electric bike is essential as it ensures that there is proper grip ensuring safety and efficient driving. If the tires do not have enough air, it can be hazardous and potentially fatal since your electric bike will not drive reliably. Additionally, there will be reduced efficiency, which means your ebike’s battery is being wasted. Similarly, having too much air is not a good idea either, as there will not be enough grip between the ground and
the tires. This can be dangerous if you are driving in mountainous or off-road areas. Therefore, we recommend putting in the ideal amount of air to ensure that you move efficiently, comfortably and safely.

Store it properly
Your bike will be subjected to weather conditions, air pressures, dust, dirt, particles, and temperatures during your journey. After such a journey, you will need to rest in a secure area so that it can be in optimal condition. This means storing it in a dry, clean and cool space away from extreme conditions so that its heated components can cool off. This is because extreme temperatures can harm your ebike. Hotter temperatures will make it difficult for your bike to cool off, resulting in damaged components and even melting in extreme cases. Similarly, if it is too cold, your battery will need to put in more work which means more strain.

In conclusion
Electric bikes are an excellent mode of transport for someone looking for a vehicle with a zero-carbon footprint, zero pollution, and affordable. However, electric bikes are still not the norm, making it confusing for many to understand how to take care of them, especially on a journey. We have looked at various ways that you can take care of your ebike while on a journey. This ensures that it will be in optimal condition even after you are done with the journey. These
journeys can be either on off-road locations or on the road. We hope this article has been helpful and enables you to take care of your electric bikes. Thank you for reading!