The ultimate buyer's guide to choose the best electric bike in this 2021

The ultimate buyer's guide to choose the best electric bike in this 2021

The ultimate buyer's guide to choose the best electric bike in this 2021- 5 amazing options.

We cannot deny the fact that electric bikes or E-bikes are one of the fastest growing categories in the industry and the popularity of these bikes are increasing exponentially. But if you are new in this zone, it is easy to be confused about what exactly electric bikes are and why everyone is going gaga over it. So let us go over the basics before looking at the best options to purchase from.

What exactly are electric bikes and how do they work?

Electric bikes are those which come fitted with a battery and a motor which combine to give an extra boost to the riders when they are pedaling. This process is also known as pedal assist because the motor only gets involved when the pedals are pushed. Usually most of these bikes offer multiple levels of assistance so that the rider can choose the suitable one according to their preference depending on how fast they want to go or how much help they require.


But what to do when the battery runs down? No worries because these bikes work just like regular bikes where you can pedal and change gears. But the chances of this happening are very less because with new technology and powerful batteries, the riders can easily travel 40-80 miles or even more on a single charge. And that is a pretty decent range and should suffice in most of the cases.

Factors to consider before purchasing an electric bike.

When buying an electric bike, you need to do proper research to select the one which is suitable according to your requirements. There are several factors which may affect your decision-making process and here are a few of them you should consider.


Search well on the power of the electric bike or scooter and the speed it delivers because you definitely do not want to be irritated while riding it. It is always suggested to check the top speed of the bike and the performance. Typically the mid range bikes can go up to a speed of 50-60km/hr while the fast ones can go up to 70-90km/hr.


Battery life.

The battery is an obvious part of an electric bike and the primary factor which makes it eco friendly. Typically the lifespan of a battery depends on the type of battery and how it has been used. As compared to lead or Nickel batteries, Lithium ion ones are preferred today because they offer a better life.


Build quality.

The overall build quality should be considered before making a purchase because you need to make sure that the bike is reliable and will last long.



Be clear about the budget right from the very beginning so that you can narrow down the options and choose from the available ones.



The instant or is one of the best advantages of getting an electric vehicle since there is no delay in power output. Go through all the specifications of the electric bike you are interested in so that you have enough clarity about the performance.



The best Electric bikes to choose from this 2021.


  1. Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike.

Want to cruise through the city like a whirlwind? This electric bike is just meant for that. It is great to purchase as something practical for high traffic environments because it will help you reach your destination much faster. It is powerful and the 350W rear hub motor makes it even better by giving you that extra boost. There are three levels of pedal assist which provides you more than enough support to your pedaling efforts.

The stunning 26 inch spoked wheels, ergonomic handle grips, adjustable stem, and gorgeous design will literally steal your hearts and that is the reason why it has made it to the top of our list.

If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks for safety and guaranteed high quality, you can go for the UL certified variant.



  • Great speed.
  • Good design.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Value for money.



  • Average display and controls.
  • Not suitable for a variety of height ranges.



  1. Ecotric 48V Fat Tire Portable Electric Folding Bike with LCD Display.

This bike has been designed keeping utmost comfort of the rider in mind and the ergonomic design guarantees a smooth riding experience. Apart from that, it has a robust hub motor that will help you get through any challenging terrain without much effort.

This guy sports a 48V 13aH lithium ion battery that has an 18 month warranty and will provide up to more than 20 miles range. If this isn't enough for you, there is one more amazing feature that will blow your socks off! It comes with a beautiful LCD display that will feed you all the information while riding including the speed, mileage, battery power and more.



  • Brilliant build quality.
  • Excellent ergonomic design.
  • Awesome range.
  • Unmatched stability on rough terrain.
  • High maximum speed.
  • Foldable, so can be easily carried anywhere.



  • The charger can heat up while charging.
  • When the battery is fully drained, it might take some time to start charging.


  1. Cheetah - Cafe race - Included Rear Pannier.

This baby is capable of winning the prize when it comes to both style and comfort. It is packed with amazing features and provides gorgeous power and range for anyone who is looking to go for an extended ride through the city. The style is somewhat inspired from the motorcycle industry and it's not just about the looks, the performance truly delivers.

The body is sturdy and made of steel, which helps it to absorb those vibrations from the road.

With a 750W rear hub motor, the Cheetah is really capable of packing a punch. The powerful Cruiser runs on a 48 volt system and has a massive 17.5 aH battery to give you the perfect balance. The geometry of the bike has been designed in such a way that the rider will feel incomplete control.

Apart from all of this, you get a beautiful LCD display which gives you all the information you require including speed, battery indicator, etc. You also get the flexibility to choose a drive mode- daylight or night.

Overall, this one is an absolute beast in terms of power and performance and it's a total head turner.



  • 750W geared motor.
  • Stunning design.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Padded handle grips.
  • Bright LCD panel and easy to read.



  • Heavier than average bikes.



  1. Rebel 1.0.

One of the earliest and the best models ever, the Rebel 1.0 is still very popular due to its amazing features and performance. It's a powerful folding fat tire electric bike which sports mechanical disc brakes along with a 500W motor. If you want to climb any steep slope, this one will give you enough support.

The color choices are the Classic Pearl White and Matte black and you can never go wrong no matter which one you choose. The 4.0 fat tire is both trendy and can easily absorb the major bumps and shops on the road. It is one of those bikes you can easily carry in your trunk and explore the deep, mysterious parts of the forest or maybe even the beach and city roads.



  • Simple and attractive design.
  • Decent performance.
  • Brakes provide a stopping power.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Plenty of accessory options available.



  • Grips could have been of better quality.


  1. Ecotric Tornado Full Suspension MTB Electric Bike.

This bike is named the "tornado" for all the right reasons. The design is extraordinary and is a total head turner. But it's not just about the good looks, it's very practical and offers high performance. The 48V 12AH Lithium ion batteries can really boost the performance for the riders. The frame is made of highly durable aluminum alloy. If you are riding on a bumpy road, the bike makes sure to absorb the maximum of the shocks so that you get a smooth experience.

The riders of so have the choice to switch between pedal assist mode or throttle only mode, of course lending a leg will give you extend the battery life in range. The weight of the bike is around 62lbs and it can support up to 265lbs, which is almost four times its own weight.

The battery is removable and you can step out with a spare to double or triple the range. Ride on this bike and we can show you that you will just feel like a tornado is dominating the ground.



  • Powerful 750W motor.
  • Decent performance.
  • Rubber tires are inexpensive and easy to replace.
  • Removable battery.
  • High quality, 7 speed transmission.
  • Responsive brakes.
  • Sturdy frame.



  • Charge time is approximately 8 hours.
  • Throttle only mode offers 25 miles average range.


Electric bikes can be a great option for daily use and the best part is, it is eco-friendly for the environment. Each of the above options are packed with great features and are very much affordable, and will give you top-notch performance for all your requirements.


Do proper research to choose the best one for yourself.


Good luck.