Top 5 best BMX bikes to try out for every bike lover- Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 best BMX bikes to try out for every bike lover- Buyer’s Guide

The top 5 best BMX bikes to try out for every bike lover- Buyer’s Guide

For every adventurous soul out there, we can't say enough how incredible BMX bikes are. There is no doubt about the fact that the BMX has a diverse range of bikes where you will find something no matter what criteria you have- budget, why you need a bike, where you want to use it, and literally anything else.

How did the BMX phenomenon start?

Originally when BMX started, the brand was mostly known for its bicycles that were great for giving lessons to young kids who were just starting their riding journey.

Gradually, the brand gained enough popularity and it spread its hands into freestyle riding and racing. And the best part is if you or someone who is used to riding on dirt paths or uneven roads, BMX bikes are the perfect choice because they have the rugged construction and the quality of materials used is very high.


Factors to consider before choosing a BMX bike.

Before you enter the world of BMX and choose the most suitable option for you, you really need to know what you are looking for. And these factors might help.

Where do you want to use the bike?

BMX has a wide range of variety when it comes to bikes and all of them aren't the same. So it is important to know beforehand what you will use the bike for. The BMX bikes are mostly categorized into four types-

  • Freestyle- for riding in skateparks or the street and facing obstacles like ramps.
  • Racing- these bikes are specially designed for courses that include jumps, rollers, banked corners, etc. They are fast and powerful.
  • Dirt jump- this style has evolved from the Amex track ok racing and it is somewhat similar to freestyle and includes jumping over dirt or soil and going airborne.
  • Flatland- these guys are all about control and balance and are specially designed for doing smooth tricks on plain terrain.


The size of the rider.

While the size difference may seem insignificant at first, it does make a huge difference. Different bikes are designed keeping different geometry in mind so that they are suitable for riders of all Heights and sizes. Even though there is no fixed rule, we can give you a reference using which you can get a bike you'll be most comfortable on.

For riders under 140 cm height, it is best to go for 16'' or 18'' wheeled bikes. If you are between 120 cm to 170 cm, a range of 18.5'' to 20.75'' should suffice. If you are 155cm or taller, choosing a top tube range from 20.5'' to 21.25'' will be the best bet.


What is your budget?

Even though we would all like to, we cannot get rid of this factor. Most of us do not have an endless budget and it is better to do the research beforehand. Of course as the bikes go more towards the higher price range, the features become even more attractive. But it is not impossible to find a decent option between $300 to $800, keeping in mind the range of different features you might want.


How to choose the appropriate wheel and frame size for you?

Maximum mid age racers prefer a 20 inch wheel. However the sizing sometimes differs based on company and it is always suggested to look into the specifications in detail before placing your order. When it comes to recreational or freestyle riders, the range of variety is pretty wide and a lot of different wheel sizes are available.

However for the writers who are 30 or above, it is better to consider getting a 24 inch wheel or maybe even larger.

Overall you can be sure that this list has some of the best selling bikes from BMX and they have amazing features which will complement your adventurous spirit, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a pro rider.


The 5 best BMX bikes to choose from.

Initially you might think that purchasing a BMX bike is a fairly simple task but honestly, it is not that easy. When you are purchasing any BMX bicycle for the first time, there are a lot of factors to consider and the process might seem overwhelming. But no worries, because we are here to help you out with these best options which will definitely give you a good experience.


  1. Elite BMX Stealth.

This is definitely the most popular and one of the most loved ones. If you are a beginner, it can't get better than this because it works amazingly on both streets and dirt paths. Not only has it excelled in the aesthetics department,  it comes in an affordable price range which is nearly impossible to beat.

It has 2.5 inch tyres wrapped with aluminum alloy rims which provides better comfort. The bike comes with Chromoly 1 pc crank and offers a single speed along with 25-9 gearing. Want to do those incredible street stunts? This guy will be your best companion!

Talking about comfort, it absorbs a high quantity of vibrations easily and will not stress out your arms and shoulders while riding it.


What we liked

  • Chromoly one piece crank.
  • High tensile steel frame.
  • Very easy to assemble.

What we didn't like

  • Can get a little noisy sometimes.


  1. Fatboy Pro BMX.

After the success of the Fatboy mini series, this one can be considered as a smart upgrade which is packed with even better features. This is another of the best sellers and rightfully so. It has been designed to take some serious damage from front flips to amazing spins. There are 6 ply tires and the frame is made of high quality alloy.

This one is a great upgrade as compared to the previous range and has a significantly stronger wheel. Especially if you are waiting for a pro Mini BMX, this one will deliver everything and more.

What we liked

  • Great upgrade over the mini series.
  • High tensile steel frame.
  • 9T Wildcat freewheel.


What we didn’t like

  • A bit on the heavier side.


  1. Elite BMX Pee Wee 16''.

Looking for an entry level BMX series that is easy to ride both on street and dirt and parks? Look no further because the Elite BMX Pee Wee is the best choice for you. With wheel size of 16 inch, high tensile frame, 1-1/8 inch standard head-tube, chromoly one piece crank, unsealed gearing and so much more, this one is one of a kind. The rims are wrapped in 2.5 inch Street tires.

The brakes are pretty decent and if you are looking for something which is under your budget and we'll do the job pretty well, you will definitely not regret buying this.


What we liked

  • High tensile steel, durable body.
  • 50mm alloy load stem.

What we didn’t tike

  • Not the best for taller adults.


  1. Elite BMX Destro.

Want something funky and attention-grabbing? Well the Elite BMX Destro is just another level and takes everything up a notch. It's from that mid-level range and works equally amazing on street, dirt or park. The components have been upgraded as compared to entry level bikes and the price is extremely affordable and well within your budget. If this is not a win-win situation, we don't know what is.

The entire frame is made of high tensile Steel which is durable and no matter what kind of tricks you do, you can be assured that your bike is able to take all that impact. It is one of the best complete BMX bikes available in the market equipped with everything you need, even a 3 pc chromoly crank set.


What we liked

  • Durable, high tensile steel frame.
  • Chromoly 3 pc crank set.
  • Sealed 48T spline
  • Good design.


What we didn’t like

  • Might not be best for climbing high slopes.


  1. Mongoose Legion freestyle BMX bike.

You might have probably already heard of this because of how incredibly popular it has been. And if you haven't, then this bike definitely deserves your attention. It's a stylish freestyle BMX bike that provides every feature a beginner might need to ride in style. The bike comes with a high tensile Steel frame, removable brake mounts and top tube of length around 20.25 inch.

The major features of this by far are the 170 mm Steel cranks and a 25T alloy chain ring and bottom bracket. Brakes and brake levers offer precise control and the integrated headset is great for maximum steering performance.


What we liked

  • Steel frame.
  • Steel cranks.
  • 25T alloy chainring.
  • Ergonomic design.

What we didn’t like

  • Riders over 5’4’’ might find it a little small.


These are some of our favourite picks for BMX bikes and we can assure you that each of these are packed with great features and are absolutely value for money. However it is always suggested to research well before making any purchase so that you know the bike you are going to choose will serve your purpose.


Happy riding!