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2022 E-Bike Buying Guide: 8 Types of Rides (And Which Electric Bike is Best for Each)

Are you planning to buy a new e-bike, but not sure which one to get? This blog post will make your decision process a lot easier. 

Here are the types of rides that you can enjoy on electric bikes — and our e-bike recommendations for each category. 


This category is for people who love the performance of an e-bike and just want to enjoy the ride in leisure. In other words, they don’t want an e-bike just to move from point A to point B, but rather want a new experience and want to show off their love for this technology. If you are one of them, let us surprise you with our Cheetah Cafe Racer e-bike. It’s fun to ride, and its unique design makes everyone turn their heads.

BIKE LOVERS USA Cheetah Cafe Racer, (Shop Now)



The city ride category is for people who are looking for a reliable and cool bike for their everyday commute — going shopping, going to work, visiting friends, or just for recreation.  An e-bike that is powerful and easy to handle through traffic is perfect for this segment. Here are picks for a perfect city ride. 

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If you want to enjoy those “need for speed” types of vibes, you belong to our high-speed riders segment. You can use an e-bike that offers a smooth and stable ride — even at high-speed. Here is the beast we recommend for this purpose:




If you live in a hilly area or make a frequent commute through a hilly zone, the BIKE LOVER USA has got you covered. We offer unique electric bikes that make it easier for you to get up hills, and safer to get down hills. So, if you want to make your hilly-area commute super easy, don’t look further than this. 


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If you are an adventure lover, you need a powerful electric bike with fat tires that run on any terrain — from sand to snow and mud and dirt trails. It must-have a strong and durable frame that can withstand all the rough impact during your adventure ride. Our Bison e-bike is a perfect example of such a bike; it has all the qualities we just mentioned. 

BIKE LOVERS USA Bison E-Bike, (Shop Now)



Riding your e-bike in your neighborhood is a wonderful experience, but some people get bored of riding on the same course. Some people wish to ride their favorite e-bike in a new city or during vacations and picnics. If you are one of them, then you need a foldable electric bike. Our ENGWE foldable electric bike is a small yet powerful electric bike that you can easily carry in your car — anywhere you want. It can easily fit in the trunk of your car. 

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Women can ride any e-bike because e-bikes are lightweight and easy to use. But e-bikes that are specifically designed for women can offer next-level, unequaled comfort, efficiency, and safety. For example, our Ecotric Lark e-bike features a shield cover that can prevent the user’s dress from getting stuck in the rear wheel. Such features make some e-bikes very suitable for women

BIKE LOVERS USA Women’s Ecotric Lark City Bike, (Shop Now)



The world of e-bikes is so diverse; it has to offer something for consumers from every age group —  young or old. 

Older adults prefer a mode of transport or recreational activity based on their factors like: comfort, ease of use, and reliability. The emoji caddy pro ticks all these boxes. Its unique features especially appeal to older adults. Its front and back baskets allow you to easily carry groceries, parcels, bags, and even stroll your pet/s.

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