Your Complete Bike Buying Guide: Types, Benefits, And Top Picks in 2023

Your Complete Bike Buying Guide: Types, Benefits, And Top Picks in 2023

Biking is done in different conditions, at different speeds, and by different types of riders. That is why there are different types of bikes — each having its unique kind of features, functions, and benefits to suit the needs of bike lovers.

Knowing about these types and their benefits can help you fuel your passion because once you are exposed to all the options, you can try a different type of bike and bring a new breeze of adventure to your life. This can also help you encourage your friends or loved ones to be a part of your passion and go with you on rides because if they have not shown excitement for your current genre of riding, you can introduce them to a new one. And chances are that you will discover new partners in your circle because there is a bike lover inside everyone, it’s just that we don’t know all types of biking options.

So here are different types of bikes and a top pick from each category — along with its benefits.


The benefit of Mini bikes is that you can easily carry them wherever you want. For example, if there is a place where you want to ride your bike (such as a trail, beach, or skatepark), but it’s too far from your home, you can carry your bike in your car’s trunk. That is why mini bikes are designed to be compact and lightweight.

Our top pick for this category is the Engwe T14 because it ticks all boxes of a perfect mini bike. It is an ergonomically-designed bike with a spring shock-absorbing base and thick tires that make it super versatile for any terrain.

Biker Lovers USA Engwe T14 E-Bike, (Shop Now)


If you want to transfer your love for bikes to the next generation, buy your little ones a kids’ bike. It will help them stay more active and healthy and improve their sense of balance. Kids’ bikes don’t have high-speed or bulky parts, they are simple, lightweight, and easy to ride.

Bike Lovers USA Elite BMX Kids Bike, (Shop Now)

The elite BMX is one of the most successful bike models that you can get for your little one. It is lightweight yet super strong and durable at the same time. Its top-notch Tektro brakes enhance safety and give a smooth riding experience. Moreover, it offers a comfortable riding posture so that anyone can use it easily.


Adult bikes are your everyday super reliable bikes that you can use to go to your office or college, or just take a leisure ride and explore the city. This is the most popular type of bike because it has a functional need related to it; while many people buy them because they love biking, most of them buy them because they want to make their lives easier. An adult bike makes people’s everyday journey a lot easier because it helps them beat traffic jams and reach their destinations easily.

Bike Lovers USA Throne Cycles The Goon Adult Bike, (Shop Now)

Urban street riders swear by the Goon due to its multiple usage options: freewheel, brakeless, dirt, or wheelie shredder. With its large tires and strong frame, this masterpiece can be your perfect companion on trails and jumps.

Bike Lovers USA Golden Cycles GC Vader Adult Bike, (Shop Now)

Whether you want a city ride, or want to explore new places in search of nature, the GC Vader is a perfect option for you. It comes with riser bars that allow you to customize your experience according to your riding needs. It also allows you to switch between freewheel and fixed gear modes.



Biking is a super adventurous activity, but the electric bike feature is a separate adventure in itself. Whether you shift from a normal bike to an electric bike or get it as your first bike, they won’t disappoint you. They are more convenient and fun to ride than normal bikes.

Bike Lovers USA JupiterBike Electric Bike, (Shop Now)

The JuperBike electric bike features a powerful high-torque motor that will make it a fun experience for you to beat difficult terrains and climb hills. Charging this masterpiece is not an issue because it comes with a removable battery, and even if the battery is low, there is nothing to worry about because its paddles are also very light to operate.

Bike Lovers USA Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Bike, (Shop Now)

The Engwe EP-2 pro is a dream come true for electric bike lovers. The 7-speed, thick-tire bike can conquer any terrain effortlessly. Its large battery offers a long range of up to 60 kilometers. It features disc brakes for extra safety. Its amazing LCD display gives it a futuristic touch — just the way you can expect from a modern electric bike.

So which one of these is your favorite bike? All of them! We knew it! But think of the one you might need for your current riding needs and add it to your cart.

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